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I started my entrepreneur career in 2001 by opening a language school and offering translation service. The mission of my school was to teach French or English to civil servants in order for them to achieve their language proficiency to meet their work requirements needed to be upgraded in their job. Because my mother tongue is French, I used to teach French.

I realized that each time my students succeeded to their test, I was happy because I had made a difference to these individual lives in their workplace. But with the ups and downs of life, family struggle made me close the business. In 2009, two years after, a new passion was born as I wanted to help my daughter provide for her family needs.

We decided to open our first cleaning company: “Green Eye Commercial & Residential Services Inc “. In 2015, my daughter and her husband decided to operate their own cleaning business. As for me, I decided to keep 6 customers from Green Eye.

In 2018, with 13 customers, I decided with my husband Mohamadoun Aldianabangou to rename the company to “Aldiana Cleaning Services”. We called the company Aldiana because Aldianabangou was too hard to pronounce for our English customers!

Why Didn’t I Go Back to the Teaching?

Well, when I go to work and people tell me they are happy with the service I am providing and have stayed with me over the last eight years – for me, this is a testimony of how much they appreciate my professionalism through my work and my know-how as well. For that reason, I feel I am making a difference in their lives and they give me the desire to surpass myself through my work and improve my performance by thriving to use the best green products on the market that are of high quality and efficiency to provide them with superior cleaning service. It has always been a desire within me to find a product that would help my customers suffering from allergies and one day, as I was going to get my vacuum fixed in a vacuum shop, I saw that little steaming machine.

All excited I asked the owner about the machine and was delighted with his answers. He had quenched my thirst and finally, I became able to provide complete full steam residential and commercial cleaning services to my customers.

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